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Sunday, August 21, 2011

What's the Best Diablo II Mod? by Matthew Blake

Through-out my entire life I have played some version of Diablo. I love it. I would stay up all night running through the endless dungeons of Tristram's church and then further to the gates of hell. The second game only blew my pre-adolencent brains and continued to cranially fumigate me through high school! But as I grew even older the game that I had traversed for what seemed like an eternity, began to bore my mature, adult mind.

I'd totally traverse her cave

So to keep myself entertained, I hunted for an alternative version of the game. I started with the first google hit at the time:

Eastern Sun

Although fun, I thought this game was just for people who like to make ridiculous characters (I'm looking at you, Curt Schilling) and the game plays like diablo on steroids (I'm looking at you, everyone but Curt Schilling). This mod is mainly for people who want to run around blasting shit with 36k damage fire balls (which is somehow even more fun than it sounds).


It's just a mod that allows all of the bonuses of playing on ladder battlenet to be used on single player. Certainly useful if you find yourself unable to connect to bnet, but overall it's a simple mod that doesn't add anything to the gameplay.

Holy shit this is the coolest thing ever associated with rainbows (besides Lucky Charms)! This mod changes everything you know about Diablo. If you reskinned this game, it would be Diablo 2.5 (Editor's note: What the hell is reskinning? Is it kind of like this?). It changes the monsters, the gameplay, the drops, the way you fight; it creates a whole new skill tree and invents new classes. Get it. Get it now and never look back, because every second you do will be a moment you're not playing this glorious, glorious game.

tl;dr My favorite d2 mod is definitely MxL what's yours?

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