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Monday, June 13, 2011

What Happens When I'm Left Unattended by Dillon Minton

So here I am in Amsterdam just wondering around in an inebriated state looking at the stuff in the city. I recently bought a can of 94 spray paint in Paris and never got the chance to use it there, so why not use it in Amsterdam? I didn't really feel like painting during the day because of all the college students being the obnoxious douches they are and all the locals trying to kill me when riding their bikes, so I went out and about until the wee hours of the morning and did what every does here in this city.

Window shopping

                Once it got pretty late and most people went back to the hostels or into the pub to drink away their sorrows of buying a whore or back to the red light district to fulfill their need again, I went out with my trusty old can of spray paint. I wondered aimlessly away from my hostel just looking for places that I could put my character up. Mailboxes, babies, drunken tourists or even concrete. I got a few mailboxes, walls, windows and the side of a van.

Must be working on the mystery of the green ghost.

            After a bit, it got boring because I only had one color so I felt like doing something I usually don't do. No, not that that you pervert. In Amsterdam there are a lot of canals in case you didn't know. And on the side of all these canals are benches. So I came up with the brilliant idea to make the shit green tone of the water, benches, and bricks pop just a little.
                So I found a good spot where I can see everyone come if someone were to walk or drive towards me so I could get away. I look around, turn my iPod off and pull out my can of spray paint and change the cap on the can to a fat cap all while having super-fast ninja skills to keep my  alert. I start going to town on the bench making it my bitch. PINK! Pink everywhere all over this green bench! I get about a fourth of the way done and all of a sudden the can is ripped out of my hand. In that second, my heart fucking stops.

OHMYGAWD What happens next?

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