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Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Senior Speech on Who Inspired Me by Data

Usually speeches aren't my forte. And graduation just around the corner made it even harder for me to take my Senior Speech seriously. With all the topics to choose from, I finally decided the "who's my inspiration speech" would be the easiest to bullshit. But writing about the one person that shaped me into the Data I am today made me actually write something sentimental and from the heart. Here's what I wrote:

You are my inspiration; you have helped me shape what I am now and what I am still trying to be as a person. Even if I turn out to be half the person you are I would be completely content with that. You have had a tremendous impact on my life.

Growing up was pretty hard for you. And being raised in a gang-filled city with a lot of crime did not make it any easier. But you pushed through it all, you had determination, you were a fighter, and all of the obstacles were not going to stop you from achieving greatness.

Then at 18 something happened that completely changed your life. You moved to America. With only $100 dollars in your pocket you had a new beginning. You finished your high school career while also taking on a side job as a waiter. And finally you made it to college, enrolled at the University of Washington, where, you even met your future wife.

But just like your old self back in the Far East, you were still a fighter, and decided to stick with that as a career. You followed what you actually wanted to do in life and I admired you for doing so.

You fought your whole way through everything, starting from the bottom and ending up on top. You were able to achieve it through hard work and determination and that is what is inspiring to me. As I have gotten older I have always tried to follow these two things in order to better myself.

It’s just unfortunate that I’m never going to be able to say thank you. You passing away was a shock to everyone. You still were young and had a long way to go in life. But your legend is still very much alive; all I can do is take away what I learned from you and implement it into my life. Thank you for being my inspiration and influencing me. And just for the record, I don’t think Chuck Norris has anything on you. Thank you for being my inspiration, Bruce Lee.

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